I’m working on Buy Me A Coffee, and we help creators get paid from their audience. Today BMC is popular among online creators (artists, youtubers, writers), but we believe almost everyone in the world will eventually make money doing things that they love. I’m personally very excited about that future!

I was born in the beautiful state of Kerala in India. I moved to the UK in 2015 and then to San Francisco in 2018. We were part of the Y Combinator W19 batch. Before Buy Me A Coffee, I helped build WhatRuns, which is a pretty known dev tool with more than 200k active users. Long before that, and when I was 15, I launched my first project called AdIndigo. AdIndigo was a cute little ad network for bloggers. I was frustrated with Adsense and decided it’s a good idea to build something better. Boy, was I wrong. This was back in 2010 (the launch date was 10/10/10 lol). Anyway, it’s safe to say that I was always into this ‘helping creators get paid’ thing.