Why Work at Buy Me a Coffee

In the past month, we had two phenomenal people join Buy Me a Coffee. These are folks that I admire for their work in their fields. What’s more exciting is that they were both convinced of our mission even before I made any effort to sell them on that. Regardless, I decided to write a post about why someone should consider joining our mission.

How often do you get to work on something that could help a billion people? Not very often. I had to set aside a growing SaaS company to focus on Buy Me a Coffee. It was making more money back then than what BMC was making a year later. Almost everyone told me that I was making a huge mistake. I’m glad I didn’t listen.

We launched Buy Me a Coffee to the public in Jan 2018. Today, 2.5 years later, we serve over 130,000 creators and their supporters. There are over 8 million pages on the web linking to a BMC page. If we stay on this trajectory, we’ll help a million creators and their hundreds of millions of supporters by 2025. We should hit that billion people mark by 2030. Hopefully before that, but I’m good with 2030.

How do you like waking up to tweets from creators every day, telling you how you helped them pay rent / connect with their biggest fans? Yes, it sounds silly, but I’d be lying if I said that it’s not one of the best things about building BMC. Don’t take my word for it; check out our twitter wall of love.

You set your own goals. You won’t be working with a manager, but a small group of highly ambitious and empathetic people who are happy to support you in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. This is what we’re looking for in a team member: high energy, resourcefulness, and scrappiness.

If you like the sound of this and think you can contribute to our journey in a significant way, please drop me a line with your twitter handle, and tell me how: jijo@buymeacoffee.com. Bonus points if you attach the story of one of your projects that you’re most proud of.